General and Mechanical Engineers

41 years in the Engineering Business

We are a small but comprehensive engineering works, with a wide range of facilities and skills. We have experience of general, marine and agricultural engineering and all engineering repairs. We do repairs on anything from a garden gate to a bridge. We have a wide range of fabrication and manufacturing skills and equipment, listed below, and we are happy to give you a no-obligation quote for any work.

We manufacture small components for trailer manufacturing, chicken and heating industries. A few years ago we manufactured and installed a 50 ft clear span foot bridge over the Great Ouse in Huntingdonshire.

We repair coaches and lorries, mainly electrical faults, but will do some mechanical repairs.

We carry out workshop and house clearances. Please see our FOR SALE page where you will find all sorts of things (Old and New). If you need something specific contact us by Email.

We repair:

  • Steam Traction and Road Roller engines (boiler and mechanical work)
  • Classic Vehicles, (manufacturing replacement parts)
  • Mechanical Fair Ground and Street Organs.

Repair work is mainly carried out by Essex Steam who also hires out Street Organs, Steam Road Engines, and Classic Vehicles for film.


We are in the process of clearing up the works and stores and consequently have a wide range of

interesting pieces for sale

at bargain prices. Have a browse round.

Welding - MIG, TIG, MMA

We have facilities for MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), MMA (Manual Metal Arc) stick welding and oxy-acetylene. We also do brazing and silver soldering to suit your requirements. We have facilities for plasma cutting up to 10mm in mild steel.

MIG is suitable for mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel, but as it relies on gas shielding to protect the molten weld pool, it is most suited to workshop use, or carefully sheltered site work. MMA is most suitable for mild steel. As it uses a heavy flux layer to protect the weld pool it is equally at home in the workshop or on site, even in fairly exposed locations.

TIG uses a tungsten electrode and a shielding gas (generally pure Argon). It is usable on mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and alloys and many other metals. It is primarily a workshop operation, and is best suited to thinner materials.

Gas welding is rarely used on anything except non-ferrous materials nowadays, as it is relatively slow and costly. For thin materials it has been superseded by TIG.

Here are some examples of our recent welding work.


Welding a new crown plug into a Foster Showman's engine boiler

The thread holding the crown plug (in this Foster Tractor boiler) was very worn. The old threaded socket was cut out and replaced completely.


Building up thickness on a small wasted area on a boiler throatplate

This boiler throatplate was getting some localised thinning. The boiler inspector requested some local thickening to bring the boiler back to full safety margins.

Sheet Metal - Cutting and forming

For sheet metal work we have a guillotine, pressbrake, power press and several flypresses. We also have a set of rolls. We have a range of unit tooling for punching under the pressbrake and a steelworker for larger sections.

The 2000mm guillotine cuts up to up to 2.5mm. The 2400mm press brake has a capacity of 75 tonnes to bend up to 2.5mm mild steel or stainless. Power presses with a capacity of 12 tonne and 35 tonne gives substantial size punching in sheet metals. Our fly presses use Hunton toolsets as well as conventional tooling to give wide capabilities in small punching, bending and forming operations. We work in mild steel, zintec, stainless and aluminium and alloys. There is loads more to talk about sheet metal working, including 1000mm bending rolls.

We also have threading machines, iron Workers and pipe bending for 6mm to 50mm diameters.

Sheet metal

Punching precision paired holes on the pressbrake

Sheet metal

Forming small stainless steel saucers on the power press

Sheet metal

Hydraulic power press

Sheet metal

10 tonne mechanical power press

Machining - turning and milling

We have Myford and Colchester lathes. Our mill is a Bridgeport vertical mill with a horizontal head. We have a small surface grinder and a spark eroder.

The Colchester is equipped with fixed and toolpost steadies, taper turning and full screwcutting (metric and imperial pitches). We have a capstan tailstock for the Colchester.

The Myford has screwcutting capability.

The Bridgeport Mill is fully equipped with horizontal and vertical heads, rotary and compound tables and power feeds. It has a good range of tooling available.

Surface grinder has a magnetic chuck and capacity of 400mm x 200mm.

Taper Turning


Turning taper-headed (carrot) bolts


layout drilling 44mm holes in a boiler tube plate